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November 06, 2007



Very cool! I hope it works out. :)


I still think this is SO COOL! So glad that you guys were able to reconnect. I, too, had a friend that I was really close to move away from me. I think she moved away when we were in 7th grade, but otherwise? Same story, different names.

CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela

I heart Google too. But it never has been able to help me find my ex- so I can laugh at him.


That's cool! I hope you guys can rekindle the friendship!!!


my only guess is Cox, am I right? I swore she was in my class. oh well. anyway, tell me if I'm right. I was all set to email you and say her dad was in education and you should be able to find her that way.. odd. anyway, if i'm wrong let me know, cause its driving me nuts. i didnt think you were best friends with Jenni (her last name rhymes with her first) and then you said she moved and i'm just stumped. cause Jenni (rhymes with Jenni) was there in high school. so thanks a lot. email me and let me know.

Jan Williams

Jill, there were 2 Jenny Cox - one was only there a couple years and the one you know was there most of her life if not all. I think. Jenni's dad was the superintedentant for a little while. J


What a great story...the friend part. Sometimes I sit and google people that I knew from the past. I never find anything - maybe they are all duds.


What an amazing co-incidence!!!!!!!! meant to be mate, meant to be.
Keeping you in my prayers for house buyers.....

This all really gives me some things to think about

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