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January 16, 2009



how about playing games with her to test her coordination, touch your nose with your finger. track your finger up down and around without moving her head, walking a straight line, weaving in and out of 'cones' on the floor. you know like a sobriety test but on a smaller scale. if her ears are whacked out, it could be that its just putting enough pressure on her to make her dizzy at some points in time. not that i know crap about toddlers, but you did ask ;-)

Uncle Rog

You could give the doctor more than she just "falls down a lot".
You could video a few of her falls to show the doctor and ask why she's falling. Mild ear infection? Delayed coordination in one side or another? Slow reaction times? Too eager to explore, maybe?
You could also count the number of times a day she falls, like on a Saturday or a Sunday. The doctor would probably know what's average.

Jerri Ann

My only thoughts are does she appear to have any nausea or anything of that nature...It could be as simple as an inner ear infection. I've had inner ear infections before and my ears didn't actually hurt at all....but I couldn't even sit on the sofa and watch my kids play without getting sick..and I stumbled into more than walls.....just a thought...


Yup. I wuz gunnz say 'ears'.


Or gunna even.......

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