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July 27, 2009


Jan Williams

She missed one nap last week, I'll have you know and that night we were all in bed early! She slept on the way to Peoria and on the way home in the car and had a nap on the other days because I told her we were going to do something fantastic after her nap! Besides, she was probably worn out and ready for a nap after staying up late every night!


I am glad you had such a good week! Sounds like a great way to celebrate your birthday. We had ColdStone a couple weeks ago and I couldn't finish mine. It was too much. I want to go back when I have more capacity for ice cream. :)

So, ass cancer? In your dog? What?


Brilliant. Sounds like heaven. Good luck with the ass cancer thing :-(
Know what you mean about too busy to blog though...


I blog only sporadically myself. xoxo Nice to catch up with you. Need to try those Cold Stone cupcakes myself.

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