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August 03, 2009



could it be that one of her tubes slipped and is poking on her dizzy center? or fell out and has unpressurized her ear 'cabin'? does it happen more when she's exerted a lot of energy (like at the water park), like maybe her tissues swelling from excitement or water getting in her ears?


Oh, honey. I ... don't even know what to say. I'll be thinking about you. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. :) Would chocolate help? Wait, what am I saying? Chocolate ALWAYS helps.


how scary! i hope it's nothing serious/ I definately would get it checked out as well. since it comes in waves where it's really bad and then gets better maybe it is something like just strange growing pains.

i'd still do the CT scan and bring her to a neurologist or ENT or both but I'm always the one that wants to rule everything out and see specialists. (i've had to many weird things that regular doctors dont know what to do with so I see a specialist just about whenever I can for something that's not acting "typical")

We had to do a CT scan on my oldest when she was 1 because they thought her head was getting too big for where it should be. It was pretty quick and we got results quickly (but still scary to go through)

hugs. keep us posted

Jan Williams

when is the Dr apt? I will be praying that it is just growing pains - didn't see any problems the week they were here,
I didn't have to take Christy today but will be going through Spfld on Thur so will drop off the clothes then - ttyl

Uncle Rog

"He wouldn't have agreed to a CT scan if he didn't think there was a possibility it could find something." I get that it's scary, but that part doesn't mean as much as you think.
How could any doctor justify to anyone his or her failure to order ANY test a parent or patient suggested? As long as there's no harm in the test, then it doesn't cost the doctor anything to order it ... so why not? Doctors often get sued for ordering unnecessary tests; if you're going to suggest a test, it doesn't mean he or she thinks it's necessary to order it. It's just the path of least resistance. Might have even been ordered just to reassure you and Rob, even if it had the opposite effect.


Ears. My money is on ears. But good that he's doing the CT scan anyway. Thinking about you and sending vibes of support. Keep us posted.


Hasn't Anya had a lot of ear problems (I'm sorry I can't remember)? I know my own balance is affected by my bad ears. But really, this is scary, scary stuff. Sounds like she is falling all the time and there has got to be a reason for that. Please keep me updated. You are all in my prayers.


You wrote this so well, I started crying with that last sentence. I hope she's all right. I hope the pediatrician is right and it's not serious... but if it were my child falling like that? I'd be just as worried. I hope this awful mystery gets solved SOON.

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