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December 19, 2009



Oh I REALLY hope you're back! I was thinking of you just the other day and thinking I must check facebook or something to see if you were ok. I think everyone has gone off the blogging boil a bit towards the end of this year. Hell, there is 'life' to do after all!! :-D
Thanks for this Wizard story. I love quoting the film. My fave one was when a really mean boss lady was around years ago. When she left the room I would put on my best WWW voice and cackle 'The shoes Dorothy! Give me the SHOES!!!!!'
hahahahahahahahahahahahha. Still cracks me up!


those are truly my granddaughters - can't wait for them to see Grease and Dirty Dancing and Steel Magnolias, but please, I will wait, don't let them grow up too fast!


Oh, I hope, I hope that you are back. And I hope that you have a great Christmas. Talk to you soonly!!

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