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May 08, 2010



My family frequently asks what someone got us for a present as birthdays and other holidays approach. My mom had to stop asking me when I was Anya's & Ally's ages because I would tell her. Now I know better.

And now I get to giggle when Emily comes in from shopping for a present with Daddy and announces "Mommy, we got you a cwowd (cloud) nightie."

Kids - they are so awesome.


You were 5! I laughed till I cried and I thought Christy was going to kill you! Hope you had a quiet restful Mother's Day - you are such a good mommy and I am very proud of the job you are doing - and also glad the shoe is on the other foot now! :)

J Kathleen Swaner

The funny thing is - It was a plant. They picked out a yellow flower for me to plant. Anya was sad when Rob bought me flowers the other day and then they died. So she likes to buy the ones that are still alive. It meant we got to play in the dirt all day Sunday. And hopefully the rain this week will keep it alive, because I do NOT have a green thumb.


Great present! My sister used to say 'if I tell you what I got you for a present....will you forget?'

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