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April 08, 2008


Amy W

Huh, I have never thought of it like that...

Jan Williams

My baby the philosopher!


I like this. It's true. Though, I don't usually refer to please as the "magic" word anymore, but I guess I still should teach my kids that it is still a request and "no" may be the answer.


Amen Amen and Amen. One of my younger nephews asked, very politely, mind you for something over Easter, and I said, yes, I could do that for you. He hung his head like he'd been beaten. That pissed me off. I said, VERY GENTLY honey, I'm not your slave just here to serve you, and my brother K came in and said, remember what we talked about being polite, and how that's one of the most important things.. and just like that the light bulb switched on and he asked with a please and thank you and a great big smile. Finally something to give an older brother props on. If he hadn't walked in, I would have followed up my statement (very quickly) with, you need to ask me politely, but I didnt get a chance. Which was fine. It allowed for parental reinforcement of what I happen to agree with you is a very important topic. I can't wait to read this entitlement article. Matthew and I talk about this all the time. Kids, even those just a bit younger than us, that have never had to work for anything and then treat the general public like crap. I couldnt believe the 'manor born' kids at college that didnt say please and thank you to the cafeteria workers. I wanted to kick their high-bred asses, take their food away and send them to their rooms for being jerks.. sigh... unfotunately, we'll be working with these jerks for the rest of our lives in the workplace because of their age...


"When do children learn that the way you treat others influences the way you are treated?"

Well my Year 10s haven't figured it out yet!

On Jill's comment re: manor born kids. I used to work as a boarding house mistress (that sounds so politically incorrect now) in a flash school in Sydney and was horrified to see kids nightly descend upon the supper trolley tasting and discarding things a little like the cookie monster. When I challenged a girl on the bun she had dropped ON THE FLOOR she replied "YOU pick it up!" When I had recovered from the shock of this cheek I replied "I'm afraid it's not in my job description!" She didn't miss a beat. "Oh well, the cleaners will pick it up then." I brought my blood pressure under control and she picked up the bun >:-( She would now be in her late 20s. One of the entitlement generation.....

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