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September 25, 2009



finally, you know I was about to die from lack of my addiction!


So is 'I think I'll go for a walk now' a reference to Oates of Antarctica? Surely such desperate measures are not called for? Unless the parent teacher interview goes badly! Boy! You are sure out of your dad's mould aren't you?????? No question of paternity there. Perhaps that's where the strong opinions come form too?? :-D I always feel sad that some Christians are so legalistic that they can't make room in their lives for other opinions. I usually go to church and still go even when my agnostic sister is here but I come back quick and I make sure she has access to everything she needs while I'm out (including the BA who rarely goes anymore). REeeeaally glad Anya has stopped falling over. Who knows eh? Still, thank God it's stopped (haha sorry...)
And is that you flaunting your stuff in that blue bikini in the background? Very impressive and showing great dedication to motherhood! It's hard to imagine going to the beach at the moment....the weather has been so flaky!

J Kathleen Swaner

You should know all this stuff already



It sounds like the first part of your trip was a lot of fun. I'm sorry to hear you had problems on Sunday. Being a good Christian doesn't mean you have to attend church every Sunday. You have been very busy lately. Missed you in Robinson. I need to set up a date for a Lia Sophia party.


hey. glad things are going pretty well. how was the teacher conference? i'm waiting for today when the first progress reports for kindergarten come home.

Glad the falling down has stopped. what a relief for you.

and glad 1/2 your trip was good. sorry it wasn't totally as you has expected

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