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October 12, 2009



Seems like you are overwhelmed, I'm guessing that Rob must be at school during all of this? The only thing I can think of is to gain yourself 15 minutes by laying out 5 days of clothes at a time and having the girls be responsible for dressing themselves and/or showering yourself at night. I've seen 'closet systems' where they're labeled each shelf for a different day of the week, but stacking them left to right on a dresser or vertically would work well, too. That way there's no fighting about what to wear, you just wear what's next in the pile and be done with it. I tend to organize Keeley's clothes in order they were worn (then after a wash they just go back in the drawer and I use from one side to the other) that way it all gets evenly rotated. Granted, she doesn't care what she wears, but it might work for you, or picking out the night before what to wear, and having story time be part of the 'free' time instead of separate from it on non-bath days. You might squeak a minute or two to use the bathroom out of it.


Nah. Bugger it. Your life won't be your own for about 15 years now so get used to it.I fit my blogging in while I'm avoiding work. The next day i curse my self for being underprepared. Then I come home and blog about being underprepared and don't get organised again....
it's a vicious cycle but at least no-one screams when I leave them anymore. Although some mornings I have to forcibly extricate from my husband's arms at 6.15am. He can be surprisingly strong for someone who is supposedly asleep.


sounds close to my day. but i stay up too late. i also usually eat with the kids to cut down on one more thing to do. :) (and they eat better if i eat at the same time)

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